Why You Always Compound with ex

Are you always feel regret and nostalgic for the good time with your ex? It doesn’t matter that you or your ex said you two should break up first, you may want to go back and hook up with your ex. Whether or not your mind knows it's not healthy for you, you know you deserve something better in your heart. You don't want to admit that you don't get what you want or deserve. You're afraid to end it forever and move on to the unknown, to find one night with strangers. Here are some reasons why you always go back to your ex.

1.You lose your self-confidence

Once you have been hurt, you may feel upset and be doubt about yourself. Worrying that your shortcomings will end the next relationship, maybe one night dating, so you’re afraid of stepping forward. If you don’t have the self-confidence, you’ll also lose the capability of distinguish what is right or wrong. Find your self-worth, be a independent and brilliant individual who deserves the best. If someone takes advantage of your kindness or generosity, or exhausts your spirit and happiness, they are not the people with whom you should spend your time. The problem is, the more people take away from us, the more we can dependent on them. But if them only take thing form you but give nothing in return, you’d leave them without ever looking back.

2.You only remind the happy time with them

As you miss a person so much, the only thing seen in the your mind is the good things and happy time with your them. However, you forget the heart-broken time and the bad things they did to you. If they really care about you, you will be a priority. Don’t need you go back to them at first. Your happiness has been waiting for you outside, try some hookup apps. But not this person.

3.You are an emotional person

In your word, feelings are more important than facts. When you want to do something, you’ll take efforts to do it no matter the thing is reasonable or not. As you want to go back to your ex, remind yourself of the facts that he or she is not the best one for you. And on other side, you two have been together for a period time and broke up at last. It’s prove that he or she is not the right one.

4.You think they’ll change

It is true that some people will change, but there is no guarantee. Instead of hoping that they will surprise everyone and eventually become one in a million people who really turn things around, is it better to put your health and happiness first? It's always hard to leave the people we love, but sometimes it's more painful to stay.

5.You lost in this relationship

Some of us will put our heart and soul into tour love as long as we start a serious relationship. In the end, we lost and don’t know how to love ourselves.