Tips for Guys: How to Have a One Night Hookup?

A recent research shows that 30% of women have had at least one hookup in their life, while 50% women admit that they would love to have a one night hookup if the man is attractive enough. Therefore, if you are thinking about finding a one night hookup, it is very possible to find it as long as you acquire some basis principles. Here are some tips and advice on how you should have a one night hookup from the beginning to the end.

How to approach a girl? If you are thinking about sleeping with this girl a couple of hours later, the most important thing is getting her trust. How to expect a girl to sleep with you while she cannot even trust you? With all the crimes these days, you cannot blame them for being reserved when it comes to strangers. Therefore, quit those cheesy pick up lines and lousy jokes. The first priority is to get her to know you, the real you. Show your sincerity. Who says hookup does not need sincerity on hook up apps. Being honest and sincere can never go wrong in any circumstances. Start with introduction of yourself. Don’t think it is too lame. On the contrary, many girls favor such a regular but practical way.

Watch her sign. Before you bring up your proposal, you need to know if she is interested. How to know that? There are some signs that shows a girl might be interested in you. First, she laughs at your jokes. Second, she looks at you directly in your eyes. Third, she doesn’t mind body contact. Forth, she flirts with you. There are many other signs depends on different individuals. Actually, if a girl does not ignore you and is willing to talk to you, there is huge chance that she might be interested in going further with you.

Move forward. If she has some signs, you can move forward. For example, touch her shoulder, or some other not-so-private part and see how she react. If she is okay with it and even touch you back, then you might find the right person to spend the night with. But if she sits back or even reject your touching, you should stop from there. This might not be the type of girl who are into tinder hookup. You should quit and move on to another one.

How to ask? If you are going to bring up the proposal, how to say it? Actually, you don’t have to go straight to your apartment or hers. Sometimes, it can be a little bit blunt to ask. You can propose to go to some places where you can have a little more privacy, where you can maybe make out and fool around for a little bit, like a coffee shop where all the table are separated or a park in the night where there is no one around. After thorough preparations are made, it can be a lot more natural and smooth to invite her to your apartment.