How to date and hookup safely online?

Whether it's Tinder, Hookoo, Cougard, or Badoo, it's not surprising to use online hookup apps to find relationships and one night hookup. Millions of people use these dating and one night app every day, and most of them haven’t had any unfortunate accidents, but as two more men were convicted of murdering the people they met on the dating apps, be vigilant. Here are some suggestions on having a safe and sound experience on hook up apps.

If you want to meet, you need to know the other person's real name.
Nick name may get your attention in the one night app, but they are really unlikely to be called that way in real life. Ask their real name and then check out their Facebook, Twitter or Instagram to see if there is really such a person exist. Besides, be checking their social media, you will be able to get to know them better.

Ask their phone number.
It's a good idea to make a call before you meet, which will help you figure out who they are. Many friend finders use their real names on WhatsApp, so if you send them a message on WhatsApp, your notifications should show their real names. Then you can find them. Just make sure they are in this for real, because usually, scammers and fake profiles won’t have a phone number you can call.

Ask for more photos.
If this is a fake profile, then they may have only a limited number of images to choose from. Ask for more photos, especially the photos of their faces, to better know if they are real and if they look like they say. Getting their social media profiles will also help. You might have already noticed that fake profiles and scammers are the biggest two issues in online dating. You can never know. No matter how authentic he/she seems, there is chance that you are probably dealing with the professionals. Be careful.

Tell your friends what you are doing.
You don't need to go to them all and tell them the exact details of your plan, but be sure to tell others where you are. Whether the other person is a friend you trust or someone who lives with you or a total stranger. Make sure they know how long you have gone and where you have gone. In case there is any emergency. You will be so lucky to have someone to know your whereabouts.

Regarding dating and hooking up online, safety always matters the most. Having fun or not, it wouldn’t matter if your safety is threatened. Sometimes, they are targeting at your money and sometimes, they can be worse. Always remember that you are dealing with strangers, not someone you know in your life. That makes a huge difference. Dating and one night hookup are supposed to be fun and full of pleasure. Don’t let accident ruin it.